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Whether you need baseboard, doors, windows, trim, crown molding or any type of discount wood moldings and trim – you have come to the right door and trim store - The Door & Trim Specialists, proudly serving Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert and throughout the valley! We sell to professionals and the public and we install all of our products as well if required.

Interior Doors

The whole feeling of a room can change based on the interior doors you choose. Open up the sense of space within a room with a mirror door. Add charm and organization to an office, kitchen, child's bedroom or mudroom with a Magnetic Chalkboard door. Add natural light with glass panels while inviting the warmth of the sun into your home.

We offer a complete line of interior doors, from elegant designer doors, rustic barn doors, to the southwestern style of Knotty Alder and Superior Alder doors, as well as our traditional shaker-style doors. For a more refined look, we offer our beautiful modern designs and expressive decorative glass doors which we can produce to your specifications. With our fine doors, we can transform any space from ordinary to extraordinary. We offer hundreds of designs with a variety of features to create doors that individually reflect your personal style and sense of esthetics.

This well-rounded mix of doors will fit any taste and home design, especially yours!

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Exterior Doors

We offer a wonderful selection of smooth fiberglass entry doors, wood grain textured fiberglass entry doors, wood entry doors and steel entry doors.

Fiberglass entry doors are designed to match the beauty and profile of wood entry doors, but with none of their maintenance headaches. Fiberglass entry doors ward off sun, wind and rain, year after year, without peeling, swelling, expanding, contracting, cracking or warping. They're impervious to cold, heat, insects, salt air and corrosion. Saving on energy costs is another advantage to installing fiberglass doors, a fiberglass door is filled with polyurethane foam which offers five times more energy efficiency than wooden doors can provide. The framed glass entrance doors also have double pane glass to help cut on cooling and heating costs. Available in many sizes and multiple panel configurations we are sure to offer a design and style to suit your needs.

Fiberglass entry doors are virtually maintenance free and our producers offer a limited lifetime warranty. The engineered fiberglass entry doors and French-Style entry door systems are as attractive as they are weatherproof and durable. It's a distinguished difference you'll appreciate for a lifetime.

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Barn Doors

These clever doors provide a charming and unique architectural element and prevent swinging ones from intruding into the space of rooms. A barn door also has the advantage of looking great whether open or shut — so you can leave it open for easy access most of the time, and shut it when you need to close an opening. Early farmers and ranchers built their barns with not only practicality in mind, but also aesthetics. In contemporary building the barn door has become synonymous with country and traditional barn style décor.

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Commercial / Industrial Doors

Some entrances simply demand more. When the location or the operational demands are great, you can count on our state-of-the-art high-performance doors for durable, fast and efficient entrance solutions. Ensuring your place of business has the right doors to meet different needs can be difficult. We offer an extensive selection of industrial doors – exterior and interior.

Different industrial doors have their own unique issues and obstacles to overcome, and our industrial doors have been engineered with exactly that in mind.

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These technical descriptions will help you to describe styles and circumstances of your project more precisely and will support you in the usage of door terminology. This makes it easy and convenient for you to communicate with us. We have a wide variety of designs we can offer you. If you need that little extra, we will of course produce custom doors to your individual specifications.

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Door Styles

See below a selected variety of door styles we can provide for you. We have hundreds more to choose from. Upon your request we can build any and every custom design, weather you want to match an old existing door or you desire a specific design custom made for you - you have come to the right company.