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Whether you need baseboard, doors, windows, trim, crown molding or any type of discount wood moldings and trim – you have come to the right door and trim store - The Door & Trim Specialists, proudly serving Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert and throughout the valley! We sell to professionals and the public and we install all of our products as well if required.

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Company Heritage & History

The owner, Stan Brimley, was born in 1951. His mother was born in Latuda, Utah, a town that no longer exists. His grandpa, Roy Hanberg, had gone there to work in the mines.

Roy Hanberg was a carpenter; he could do anything and could make anything.  He traveled all over the west building and fixing things, he even went to Mexico to work.  When my mother was a little girl, Montana was opened up for homesteading.  Since Grandpa Roy could build anything it seemed natural for him to take over 160 acres in the middle of nowhere with a chance to improve the property which would allow him to keep the land.

He built a house and barns and outbuildings including a chicken coop which was a work of art.  He even built a root cellar.  He made his own doors and cabinets into the wall from scratch.  Everything was meticulous.  His tools were simple: a skill saw, hand drills, a table saw, and hand planers.  He would buy a stack of wood and sort it and cut it up into anything he needed.

Inspiration and Heritage – by Stan Brimley

When I was a small boy we moved from California to Arizona.  My dad had a set of Frank Lloyd Wright type of plans and he wanted a house built.  Of course Grandpa Roy would build it.  He thought the plans were silly with a low pitched roof topped with a cupola to ventilate the attic and five foot overhangs to shade the walls from the hot sun, but he built it.

In 1957 I remember going every day to watch him build.  He did all of the carpentry work himself with a hammer and saw.  He taught me how to hammer.  I worked on the fence.  He hammered almost every nail in that house himself.  He built the cabinets, he hung the doors, he installed all the trim and the shelves.  We used to climb all over the cabinets and the shelves.  We never worried about breaking them.  We saw how Grandpa built them.  That’s when nails were hammered by hand and recessed with a nail set.  A “pecker track” was a sign of inexperience and rarely seen in Grandpa Roy’s work.

Grandpa Roy didn’t say much, so when he spoke, we all knew it was pretty important. When he said he would do something, he did it.  I admired him so much, and of course my mom loved him and thought he was the greatest carpenter in the world and could build anything.  We did too.  And he pretty much could.  

He set forms on the Glen Canyon Dam.  When I was old enough to go to work, it seemed like I gravitated to construction.  I got a degree in Economics, but my first job out of college was for a custom home builder back in 1976.  

I have pretty much been in the construction industry ever since.  Every job has taught me more about the construction trade, but I have never forgotten my Grandpa Roy and his dedication to perfection.  And his ability to make a door out of pieces of wood.  

I should call this place Door Man Roy, but it just doesn’t rhyme and DoorBoyRoy seems disrespectful.  So, we’ll call it DoorMan Stan, and we will dedicate this business to respecting good, honest hard work with a desire to seek perfection.  When you hear DoorMan Stan, think of Grandpa Roy, because we are going to respect that heritage.  We are going to build the best doors we can.  

We are meticulous in our work.  If we tell you we’re going to do something, we will try our best to do it.  And if you give us something hard to do, we’ll consider that a challenge to show what we can do.”


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